Top Travel Destinations in 2024 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Best Places to Travel in 2024

With travel back on the agenda after the pandemic and rising flight prices, 2024 might be the year to stabilize your travel plans. Everything has changed, including your next destination and maybe even the order of your bucket list. Astrologically, 2024 is set to be an exciting year for travel, with each zodiac sign having its perfect destination and best travel time.

Aries: Kimberley, Australia

Kimberley, Australia

Aries, you love off-the-beaten-path destinations. You’re not one to follow the crowds; you prefer exploring places that haven’t been overrun by tourists. Starting in April, Kimberley, Australia, will welcome cruise lines for the first time. This is a fantastic opportunity to hop aboard a cruise and then disembark to explore ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and towering cliffs. The rugged coastlines and waterways of Kimberley offer an adventurous and enriching experience.

Even though Jupiter will enter your third house of short-haul travel on May 25, making the second half of 2024 ideal for day and weekend trips, there’s still time for more ambitious itineraries. Mid-July to early August is particularly great for fun and adventure, as Venus and, for the most part, the Sun will be in Leo, your fifth house of pleasure and recreation. This is winter in Australia, but it is the peak season in the north due to moderate temperatures, a lack of insects, and relative dryness. It’s the perfect time for outdoor activities and exploring the natural beauty of Kimberley.

Taurus: Kobe, Japan

Kobe, Japan

Taurus, everyone knows that you are a food lover, but what they don’t always know is that you appreciate well-made things that aren’t always edible. When you travel, it’s usually the cities with careful urban design and good architecture that stick in your memory the most. Kobe, Japan, is not only famous for its beef but is also becoming a burgeoning capital of contemporary design. The city boasts new multipurpose creative centers, trendy hotels, and the eccentric headquarters of the French artisanal perfume and skincare brand, Officine Universelle Buly.

Starting in early 2024, you will also be able to view the city and the surrounding seas and mountain ranges from the panoramic observation deck of the Kobe Port Tower. This tower even has a museum and a 360-degree rotating café bar. You love a good spa day, so you’ll likely enjoy the many hot springs in the area. The best time to travel in 2024 is during the last days of April and all of May. During this period, a series of pleasant planetary guests will be touring Taurus, so you will feel your best and want to treat yourself. If you go between April 30 and May 20, you will have the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus together in Taurus, providing you with a delightful and eye-opening personal journey. Additionally, you can also read about- Best Places to Visit in March USA.

Gemini: Madagascar


Gemini, your curiosity and conversational skills give you a lot of freedom of action in social circles and niches of interest. When it comes to tourist destinations, remote and faraway places captivate your attention. Madagascar, known for its rich biodiversity, will be easier to visit in 2024. With new flights and cruise itineraries connecting remote destinations across Madagascar, the world’s fourth-largest island will be more accessible and better suited to your preferred way of traveling.

In Madagascar, you can relax in tents among baobabs, make friends with lemurs, kayak among humpback whales, or kitesurf on the beach while relaxing in a luxurious villa. This variety of activities will undoubtedly appeal to your love of diversity. The best time to visit is after May 25, when Jupiter enters Gemini for a year. From the end of May to the first half of June, Venus and Jupiter will be in Gemini, creating a lovely time for personal expansion of all kinds. This period also conveniently coincides with Madagascar’s dry season. Additionally, from June 3 to 17, Mercury will pass through Gemini, promising smooth travel and stimulating conversations.

Cancer: Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Cancer, all you need at the end of the day is good food, good company, a body of water by your side, and a feeling of protection. The Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, with several new hotels opening next year as part of a coordinated sustainable tourism development, is perfect for you. This development is great news for a region known for its pristine desert and coral reefs, that are home to several endangered species. Of the 90 islands in the area, only 22 are developable, and nine will be protected conservation areas. The islands opening to tourists will run on 100% renewable energy, using solar panels, the world’s first zero-carbon 5G network, local sourcing, smart waste management, electric vehicles, and hydrogen-powered seaplanes as part of this ambitious project aiming to become a regenerative tourism center.

While you might enjoy a hike during your birthday season this year, especially between June 17 and July 11, when Venus is in Cancer, things get very hot in Saudi Arabia this time of year. Instead, try visiting during Pisces season (February 19 to March 20), a time of year that always highlights your openness to adventure and your desire to see the world. This period will allow you to explore the beauty of the Red Sea region comfortably. If you want you can also read- Sustainable Travel Destinations.

Leo: Accra, Ghana

Accra, Ghana

Leo, you like quiet and relaxing vacations, but the liveliest nightlife destinations are what excite you the most. For a series of parties in 2024 that will make you feel glamorous and alive, consider visiting Accra, Ghana. Accra is home to the AfroFuture (formerly Afrochella) music festival and a vibrant food scene. The city is quickly becoming the epicenter of a Pan-African cultural renaissance, with many interesting pop-up restaurants, museums, and nightclubs populating its itinerary.

There are plenty more reasons to visit Accra next year, including the opening in May of the Ghana Food Movement’s Link-up Kitchen, which will host pop-ups featuring music from local DJs and multi-course dinners using local ingredients. AfroFuture usually takes place at the end of December, so you have time to plan your trip if that’s what interests you. However, Mars retrograde in Leo begins that month. This isn’t a total impediment to travel, but it’s probably not going to be the most carefree time for you astrologically. If you don’t mind going during the rainy/wet season, you’ll feel significantly more up for travel in May, with Mars in Aries transiting your ninth house of adventure. You could also give yourself an early birthday gift if you go while Venus is in Leo (between July 11 and August 5), allowing you to enjoy the good light before Mercury retrograde starts to kick in.

Virgo: Quebec, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Virgo, you function best when you take regular breaks from the modern world and have the opportunity to rebalance your nervous system in natural paradises. If the outdoors appeals to you this year, choose Quebec. Montreal attracts visitors for obvious reasons, but the northern regions of the province will make you feel miles from civilization in the best way. If you prefer more than just the company of muskox, you can also choose to take several indigenous-led cultural dives, such as polar bear watching with Inuit guides and beluga watching with the Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk First Nation, or relax in a brewery managed by Mohawk. The Biennial of Contemporary Native Art will be held in Montreal from May to June 2024.

Your best travel astrology this year comes in late April and May, when there will be a beautiful stellium of planets transiting Taurus, your ninth house of long travels and discoveries. This bodes well not only for venturing beyond your usual haunts but also for having profound spiritual experiences along the way, especially thanks to the natural beauty that surrounds you. It is an ideal place to comfortably enjoy the corners of Canada but in low season to avoid high season prices.

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Libra: South Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

Libra, get ready to travel miles with your luggage, because 2024 is going to be an exciting year for your trips around the world. After Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, you’ll be on a year-long pilgrimage to see the world, expand your horizons, and broaden your perspective on everything. Preferably, you will do so in places that feed your intellectual curiosity and stimulate your appetite for variety and diversity, like the South Island of New Zealand, for example.

The South Island has stunning landscapes, and it is populated with rainforests and snow-capped mountain peaks alike. If you consider yourself a hiker, a 38-mile trail opens in October on Tuatapere Hump Ridge, which will be New Zealand’s 11th Long Walk. Four new visitor centers dedicated to Māori history will open in 2024, led by the Ngāi Tahu tribe and Wētā Workshop, the visual effects studio behind The Lord of the Rings.

As for the calendar, you have a whole year—from May 2024 to June 2025—to make the most of this transit of Jupiter, but the end of May to the first half of June is especially good for travel since Venus and Jupiter will pass through your ninth house together. If you book between June 3 and June 17, you’ll also have the added pleasure of Mercury in Gemini, which will promote easy flight connections and stimulating conversations. The New Zealand winter is ideal if you are interested in skiing or enjoying the snowy mountains.

Scorpio: Guatemala


Scorpio, you love mystery, but what interests you most when you travel are destinations steeped in history, preferably with a rich and delicious culinary tradition. With new flights and cruise itineraries being added next year that will make Guatemala even more accessible, now could be the right time to enjoy ancient Mayan ruins, as well as more contemporary arts and cultural

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