Discover the Ultimate All Inclusive Resorts in North Carolina

All Inclusive Resorts in North Carolina

Looking for a break without the headache of planning every detail? You’re not alone. Many travelers find that organizing meals, activities, and accommodations separately can dim the glow of vacation anticipation.

North Carolina, with its lush landscapes and welcoming shores, hosts an array of all-inclusive resorts designed to lift that burden.

Here’s a gem: North Carolina isn’t just about barbecue and bluegrass. It’s also home to luxurious retreats where one booking covers your stay, food, fun, and relaxation.

This article paves the way to discovering top-notch all-inclusive resorts in this southern state.

From oceanfront havens on the Outer Banks to peaceful hideaways in the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains, we’ve got you covered! Ready for ease and elegance?

What Defines an All-Inclusive Resort?

An all-inclusive resort rolls your stay, meals, and activities into one price. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your vacation needs.

Amenities typically include

Heading out to an all-inclusive resort means your trip is as hassle-free as it gets. You pay one price, and a whole world of experiences and services awaits you without digging into your pocket every five minutes. Here’s what typically comes with the deal:

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  1. Daily meal credits, like those seen at the Omni Grove Park Inn, let you enjoy gourmet eats without worrying about the bill.
  2. Places like Asheville Cabins of Willow Winds provide free firewood and s’mores kits, adding a cozy touch to nights.
  3. Access to on-site golf courses lets guests tee off in stunning surroundings without extra fees.
  4. Tennis courts await those who prefer swinging rackets over golf clubs, offering fun and fitness.
  5. Pools for lounging or lap swimming are staples, surrounded by comfy chairs and sun umbrellas.
  6. Fitness centers help keep your workout routine on track, even while away from home.
  7. Luxury spas offer treatments that rejuvenate the mind and body—think massages, facials, and more.
  8. Free WiFi keeps you connected with the world or helps plan your next day’s adventure.
  9. Breakfast included options mean mornings start with deliciousness served up fresh.
  10. Free parking removes one more worry about added costs or finding a spot.

Whether it’s hitting balls on pristine golf greens or unwinding in luxurious spas, these amenities make sure there’s something for everyone without the extra charges that can add up fast at traditional hotels or resorts.

Comparison with traditional resorts

Let’s break it down. When you’re eyeing that getaway spot, knowing the difference between all-inclusive and traditional resorts can make or break your vacation mood. Imagine this: one price covers your stay, grub, and fun at an all-inclusive. Traditional spots? Not so simple.

Feature All-Inclusive Resort Traditional Resort
Meals All meals are included. Pay as you go.
Activities Most are free. Extra charges.
Budgeting Easier to plan costs Can add up quickly.
Amenities Many perks are included. Varies, often for a fee.

Picture this: You’ve landed in North Carolina, set on a stress-free holiday. At an all-inclusive, you’re in for a sweet deal. Your wallet gets a break right from the start Meals? Check and Activities? There is no need to fret over every penny spent.

Now, flip the coin. Traditional resorts have their charm but keep that wallet handy. That morning coffee? Extra. Fancy a surf lesson? That’ll be more. It’s a juggle, balancing fun and funds.

So, there you have it. Choose your adventure wisely. All-inclusive in North Carolina might just be the ticket to the carefree escape you’re after. No surprises, just pure enjoyment. Pack those bags and leave the calculator at home.

Top All-Inclusive Resorts in North Carolina

North Carolina shines with top-notch resorts where everything you need is in one spot. From the mountains to the beach, these places offer fun, food, and relaxation without stepping outside their doors.

Criteria for selection

We looked at a few things to pick the best all-inclusive resorts in North Carolina. Reviews and ratings from travelers on TripAdvisor played a big role. If people loved their stay, that’s a good sign.

We also checked out what star rating each resort has. More stars usually mean better quality. The kind of stuff you get, like spa treatments or golf rounds, mattered too.

Location was another big thing we thought about. A resort close to cool places like Biltmore or Blue Ridge Parkway got extra points. This way, you can have fun inside and outside the resort.

We wanted to make sure you’d have an awesome trip no matter which place you chose.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes you with a cozy fireplace and mountain views that will make your jaw drop. Come see why it’s more than just a place to stay.

Features and Amenities (The Omni Grove Park Inn)

Picture this: you’re stepping into The Omni Grove Park Inn, a place where luxury meets the peace of the mountains. It’s not just a hotel; it’s an experience waiting to unfold. Here’s what awaits you:

  1. Every guest gets daily meal credits. You can savor different tastes without worrying about the bill.
  2. There’s no stress about parking; it’s free and available on-site.
  3. Ranked as #40 out of 88 hotels in Asheville, with 8,972 reviews, it shows people love coming back.
  4. Dive into fun any season with our outdoor pool that’s open all year round.
  5. Need some pampering? Our spa is right here within the resort grounds.
  6. For golf lovers, we’re close to Pinehurst No. 2, one of North Carolina’s most famous golf courses.
  7. Exploring outside? We’re a stone’s throw from Biltmore Estate and other Asheville attractions.
  8. If you’re visiting for the sights, our rooms have breathtaking views of either mountains or rolling golf courses.
  9. Safety comes first; we offer contactless check-in and check-out to make your stay worry-free.

Whether you’re here to play golf, explore Asheville, or simply unwind at the spa, The Omni Grove Park Inn has something special for every traveler.

Pros & Cons (The Omni Grove Park Inn)

Let’s dive straight into the nitty-gritty details about The Omni Grove Park Inn. This spot has both its highs and lows. Check out this table to get the scoop.

Pros Cons
Comprehensive all-inclusive packages that cover almost everything you can think of. It might make your wallet a bit lighter than traditional hotels would.
High traveler ratings. It seems like people really dig this place. When compared to some other Asheville hotels, it doesn’t always snag the top spot.
A variety of amenities to keep you busy, relaxed, or whatever vibe you’re going for.

So, there you have it. The Omni Grove Park Inn has lots to offer, but it’s not without its price and competition.

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It’s like picking your favorite ice cream flavor. Sure, you might love the rich taste of chocolate, but maybe, just maybe, vanilla has a charm you can’t ignore. Keep that in mind before you pack your bags!

Pinehurst Resort

Pinehurst Resort offers top-notch golf courses and relaxing spa services, making it a must-visit for those looking to unwind. Dive in to find out more!

Features & Amenities (Pinehurst Resort)

Pinehurst Resort takes your vacation to the next level with its mix of relaxation and adventure. It’s a place where golf enthusiasts and spa lovers find their heaven.

  1. Premier Golf Package: Enjoy golf fees covered, along with breakfast and dinner. This deal is a golfer’s dream, offering access to multiple green courses where you can swing to your heart’s content.
  2. Luxury Accommodations: Sleep in style with rooms that offer comfort and elegance. From soft beds to stunning views, every detail makes you feel pampered.
  3. Onsite Dining Options: Choose from a variety of eating spots right at the resort. Whether you’re craving fine dining or a quick snack, there’s something for every palate.
  4. Fitness Center: Keep up with your workout routine even on vacation. The center has all the equipment you need for a good sweat session.
  5. Spa Services: Take relaxation up a notch with available spa treatments. From massages to facials, it’s all about unwinding and rejuvenating here.

Golfers not only get their fill but families also discover activities that make everyone smile at Pinehurst Resort. With these amenities, becomes your best friend as you plan an unforgettable stay in the North Carolina mountains or coastal South Carolina areas nearby.

Pros & Cons (Pinehurst Resort)

Talking about the Pinehurst Resort feels like stepping into a golfer’s paradise. It’s where love for golf meets luxury. Yet, as with any grand adventure, it has its highs and lows. Let’s dive straight into it.

Pros Cons
Renowned golf courses that challenge and thrill. Mainly for golf lovers, it might not suit everyone’s taste.
Comprehensive golf package deals, make your stay a breeze. Costs can add up, thanks to those high-end services.
Top-notch amenities that cater to your every whim.

Here we have a place bathed in the scent of fresh greens—a haven for those who dream of pars and courses. The Pinehurst Resort does spoil you with its sprawling courses and impeccable service. Yet, remember, it’s a siren’s song, mainly for those with a heart for golf.

For non-golfers, this might not be your jam. And while luxury does have its perks, it also has its price. Worth it? For golf enthusiasts, absolutely. For others, it might be a swing and a miss.

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

The Umstead Hotel and Spa offers a peaceful escape with its top-notch spa services and stunning art collection. Dive in to discover more!

Features and Amenities (The Umstead Hotel and Spa)

If you’re planning a getaway, the Umstead Hotel and Spa in North Carolina offers an unforgettable experience. Nestled close to Raleigh, this spot combines luxury with nature’s beauty, making your stay both relaxing and rejuvenating.

  1. 24-hour fitness center: Stay fit anytime with access to top-notch exercise equipment.
  2. Seasonal outdoor pool: Take a dip or lounge by the water during the warm months.
  3. Onsite spa: offers massages, facials, and body treatments to pamper yourself.
  4. Nightly entertainment: Enjoy live music or performances without leaving the hotel.
  5. Fine dining restaurant: Savor gourmet dishes crafted by skilled chefs.
  6. Bar area: Unwind with specialty cocktails or a selection of fine wines.
  7. High guest satisfaction: Visitors consistently praise the attentive service and luxurious ambiance.
  8. Luxury services: From valet parking to room service, every need is catered to with high-end touches.
  9. Close to nature trails: Step outside to explore serene paths and reconnect with nature.
  10. Golf resorts nearby: Golf enthusiasts can hit the links at championship courses just a short drive away.
  11. Family resort options: Although known for romance, families can find activities everyone will enjoy.
  12. Spa resort experience: The spa at The Umstead takes relaxation to another level with unique treatments.

Whether you’re there for the greens or just to chill by the poolside, every moment feels like bliss at The Umstead Hotel and Spa.

Pros and Cons (The Umstead Hotel and Spa)

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of The Umstead Hotel and Spa, a place that promises relaxation and luxury in North Carolina. Here’s the breakdown, table style:

Pros Cons
  • Comprehensive wellness options make your stay refreshing.
  • Entertainment options are top-notch, keeping you engaged.
  • High-end amenities pamper you like royalty.
  • Guest reviews glow, signaling happy stays for most.


  • It costs more than many places. Your wallet might feel lighter.
  • Mostly for those who love luxury. Not everyone’s cup of tea.


In a nutshell, The Umstead Hotel and Spa shines with its offerings but asks for a pretty penny in return. It’s a haven for those who love the finer things, yet it may not fit everyone’s budget or taste.

Sanderling Resort

Sanderling Resort

Sanderling Resort offers beachside fun and cozy rooms. Dive deeper to find your perfect getaway spot!

Features and Amenities (Sanderling Resort)

Sanderling Resort sits like a gem on the coast of North Carolina, offering guests more than just a place to stay. It’s where luxury meets the ease of having everything at your fingertips. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Access to a private beach where the waves whisper relaxation and adventure calls out to every visitor.
  2. Pools that sparkle under the sun invite you for a refreshing dip or lazy lounging by the water’s edge.
  3. Spa services that promise a journey to serenity with massages and treatments inspired by coastal elements.
  4. Onsite dining options serve up delicious bites, from fresh seafood caught in the morning to international cuisines made with local ingredients.
  5. Rooms and suites boast breathtaking views, ensuring your wake-up scene is as splendid as a painting.
  6. Ranked #1 hotel in Duck based on 1,436 reviews, indicating travelers find their stay here exceptional.
  7. Activities for all ages include kayaking through tranquil waters, beach bonfires under starlit skies, and nature walks revealing the area’s beauty.
  8. The fitness center is equipped with everything you need for your workout routine, keeping you energized and balanced during your vacation.
  9. Event spaces perfect for weddings or meetings offer an idyllic backdrop against which memorable moments unfold.

This resort blends comfort with excitement and relaxation with discovery, making it a must-visit spot along North Carolina’s picturesque coastline.

Pros & Cons (Sanderling Resort)

Diving into the heart of what makes or breaks a beach vacation, let’s talk about Sanderling Resort. This place has a lot going for it. But no spot is perfect, right?

Here’s the lowdown on the pros and cons, served up on a neat little table. No fluff, just the good stuff.

Pros Cons
Highly rated by guests It costs a bit more when everyone wants to go.
Packages cover almost everything. Stuck doing mostly beach stuff
Right on the beach

So, if you’re all about that beach life—soaking up the sun and not worrying about pulling out your wallet every five minutes—Sanderling Resort has got your back.

Just remember, perfection is a myth, and even the best places have their downsides. But hey, a little more cash for a lot less stress? For many, that’s a trade-off worth taking.

The Ballantyne a Luxury Collection Hotel

Ballantyne a Luxury Collection Hotel

The Ballantyne Hotel offers luxury like no other, with top-notch rooms and a golf course that shines. Dive into comfort and style; it’s a treat for every traveler! Keep reading to uncover more gems.

Features and Amenities (The Ballantyne)

The Ballantyne invites travelers to soak in luxury and comfort. Its variety of top-notch features ensures every guest leaves with memorable experiences.

  1. Dive into relaxation at our outdoor pool, the perfect spot to cool off or catch some rays.
  2. Golf enthusiasts can hit the links at The Ballantyne’s championship golf course, offering challenges for all skill levels.
  3. Pamper yourself at our spa with packages like ‘Revitalizing Retreat’ and ‘Romantic Retreat,’ blending indulgence with relaxation.
  4. Satisfy your taste buds at our fine dining restaurant and bar, where exquisite meals meet breathtaking views.
  5. Stay fit even while away from home in our state-of-the-art fitness center, equipped for all your workout needs.
  6. Luxurious rooms and suites feature plush bedding and elegant decor, making every night’s stay a dream.
  7. For business travelers, meeting rooms and business centers come fully loaded to keep productivity high.
  8. Explore nearby attractions, such as the Biltmore House or explore the local shopping areas for some retail therapy.
  9. Our concierge service can help plan your day trips or book reservations at local restaurants, ensuring you get the best of North Carolina without any hassle.
  10. Couples looking for a romantic getaway will find the privacy and elegance they seek with our specially designed packages.

Every amenity at The Ballantyne is crafted to create an unforgettable stay amid the beauty of North Carolina.

Pros and Cons (The Ballantyne)

Let’s dive straight into the pros and cons of staying at The Ballantyne, a Luxury Collection Hotel, without beating around the bush.

Pros Cons
High-end amenities make your stay comfortable. It might hit your wallet harder than expected.
Special packages offer a little extra bang for your buck. Caters more to those who love a touch of luxury.
Guests rave about their experiences. Not everyone wants to pay for frills they won’t use.

Choosing The Ballantyne is like picking a top-shelf whiskey; it’s not about the price, it’s about the experience. Sure, it might cost more, but the memories? Priceless. Remember, you’re not just booking a room; you’re investing in an experience rich with comfort, style, and those little extras that make a trip memorable.

Whether it’s the spa treatments or the golf course, it’s all about living the good life, even if just for a few nights. So, if you’re ready to treat yourself, The Ballantyne awaits with open arms and a touch of class.

All-Inclusive vs A La Carte Pricing

Picking between all-inclusive and a la carte pricing is like choosing between a feast where you can eat everything or just ordering a dish at a time. Dive in to learn more!

Benefits of all-inclusive pricing

All-inclusive pricing makes planning your trip easy. You pay one price and that covers your stay, food, drinks, and fun activities. It’s like having an endless pass to enjoy everything without worrying about extra costs.

This way, you can dive into the ocean at Myrtle Beach or explore the El Yunque rainforest without thinking about your wallet.

This kind of deal also takes away stress. Imagine not having to pull out cash for every meal at Hilton Head Island or counting pennies for a spa day in Blowing Rock. Instead, you just show up and enjoy yourself.

It simplifies budgeting too, because you know the total cost upfront. So, whether it’s savoring meals by the beach or trying new things at a theme park in North Carolina, all-inclusive lets you focus on the fun, not the funds.

When to consider a la carte options?

A la carte options come in handy if you love planning your day around what you feel like doing or eating. Say you’re staying near the beach resorts of North Myrtle Beach and find yourself wanting to try local seafood spots instead of dining at the resort.

Going a la carte means you can enjoy this flexibility without paying for meals you won’t eat at the hotel.

You might also think about choosing a la carte when sticking to a budget is top of mind. It allows you to control your spending by only paying for activities or meals you’re truly interested in.

This way, if all-inclusive hotels offer services that don’t tickle your fancy, like private pools or certain guided tours, picking and choosing saves money.

Plus, travelers who prefer exploring offsite entertainment will find more value stepping out into destinations like Old San Juan or hitting up local attractions such as Jekyll Island without feeling tied down by their resort choices.

All-Inclusive Resort Activities in North Carolina

From hitting the golf balls on world-class greens to beach days that turn into stargazing nights, North Carolina’s all-inclusive resorts are playgrounds for fun seekers. Dive right in to learn more!

Popular activities available

North Carolina’s all-inclusive resorts offer a bucketload of fun for everyone. From hitting the links to relaxing spa sessions, there’s no room for boredom.

  1. Golfing at Pinehurst Resort feels like swinging clubs in a golfer’s paradise. With courses as green as emerald carpets, every hole is an adventure.
  2. The Umstead Hotel and Spa takes pampering to another level. Imagine massages that loosen every tight muscle and facials that leave your skin sparkling.
  3. Hiking trails around these resorts lead you through forests where every tree tells a story. Breathe in the fresh air; it’s nature’s own therapy.
  4. Wildlife tours get you up close with nature’s residents without stepping into their personal space. Spot deer, birds, and more in their natural habitat.
  5. Water sports at Sanderling Resort add splashes of excitement to your stay. Kayaking, paddleboarding, or just plain swimming—pick your splash!
  6. Beach activities mean building sandcastles isn’t just for kids anymore. Feel the sand between your toes and let the ocean waves tickle your feet.
  7. At Pinehurst Resort, hitting the ball on the fairways of Pinehurst No. 2 becomes a tale to tell back home. It’s where golf legends have walked!
  8. Spa treatments are not just about feeling good; they’re about rejuvenation and revival inside and out at places like Grandover Resort & Spa.
  9. Outdoor adventures extend beyond trails and include biking paths that weave through stunning landscapes—pedal at your own pace and take it all in.
  10. Finally, don’t miss out on exploring local attractions near these resorts, from historic sites to cozy downtown areas, each with its own story.

Grab your calendar, start planning, and dive into the experiences waiting for you in North Carolina!

Seasonal considerations

Planning your trip to an all-inclusive resort in North Carolina? You’ll find that the time of year can make a big difference. From November to March, resorts often offer lower rates.

It’s cooler, but you can still enjoy indoor fun like spa days or cozying up by a fire with a good book. Beach outings and water sports shine in the summer. So if you love the sun and waves, aim for these months.

In fall and spring, it’s all about being outside but not too hot. These seasons are perfect for hiking through forests or seeing animals in their natural homes. Every season has something special.

Think about what makes you happy before you book your stay at places like Pinehurst Resort or The Omni Grove Park Inn. Whether it’s saving money in winter or soaking up the sun on Grand Strand beaches, there’s always a good time to visit.

Planning Your Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort

Picking the right time and getting good advice can turn finding an all-inclusive resort into a breeze. Start planning, and before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags for fun!

Best times to visit

Planning your trip to North Carolina needs a little thought about timing. You want to catch the best weather and avoid the crowds, right? Here’s how:

  1. Visit during off-season months, from November to March, for better deals at all-inclusive resorts like The Omni Grove Park Inn or Pinehurst Resort. Fewer people means more space for you.
  2. Aim for a summer getaway if beach days and water sports are what you’re after. Places like Sanderling Resort become your own slice of paradise with warmer temperatures.
  3. Consider fall for outdoor adventures. This is the time when hiking trails near places such as Blowing Rocks or Stone Mountain offer stunning views with vibrant fall colors.
  4. Spring brings mild weather and blooming landscapes, perfect for exploring the gardens of The Ballantyne or taking leisurely walks in Highlands, NC.
  5. Check out specific events or festivals happening around your planned visit. Certain times might offer unique experiences at local attractions close to your resort.
  6. Look into package deals on during these suggested times for extra savings and perks at hotels like Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort or quality inns across eastern Maryland.
  7. Always check the resort’s check-in and check-out policies ahead of booking to sync with your travel plans seamlessly.

Following these tips ensures you get the most out of your all-inclusive resort stay in North Carolina, whether it’s a romantic getaway at The Inn on Pamlico Sound or a family vacation at Harrah’s Cherokee.

Tips for booking

Booking the right all-inclusive resort in North Carolina can make your vacation unforgettable. Before you dive into making reservations, here’s a list to guide you:

  1. Read traveler reviews on websites like TripAdvisor. This helps you see what others thought of their stay.
  2. Look for package deals on websites like Expedia or Travelocity. Sometimes they have special offers that save money.
  3. Book early, especially if you plan to travel during peak seasons like summer or the holidays. Resorts fill up fast.
  4. Consider what amenities matter most to you, such as free WiFi, spas, or golf courses.
  5. Check the resort’s location to ensure it’s close to attractions or beaches you want to visit.
  6. Compare prices across different booking sites to find the best deal.
  7. Look for resorts that offer activities for everyone in your group, whether it’s water sports for the kids or wine tastings for adults.
  8. Call the resort directly after booking online. Sometimes they have additional perks or advice not listed on websites.
  9. Ask about cancellation policies and insurance options in case plans change.
  10. Factor in extra costs not covered in the all-inclusive price, like tips or off-site excursions.

Choosing where to stay doesn’t have to be a chore if you know what steps to follow and what details matter most for an enjoyable trip!

FAQs about All-Inclusive Resorts in North Carolina

Got questions about staying at all-inclusive resorts in North Carolina? We’ve got answers that’ll clear the fog. Dive in to discover if throwing your worries away at an all-encompassing resort fits your adventure book or family saga!

Are all-inclusive resorts worth it?

All-inclusive resorts bundle everything into one package. You get your room, meals, and fun activities without paying extra. This makes planning easy and helps keep costs down. You won’t need to worry about where to eat or what to do next.

Instead, you can chill out by the pool or try new things like kayaking or yoga classes, all included in your stay.

Choosing an all-inclusive can mean a stress-free trip for you. There is no need to carry your wallet around the resort every time you want a snack or drink. They offer value that is hard to beat, especially if you like doing lots of stuff on vacation.

With meals covered, you also get a chance to taste different foods without worrying about the bill. So yes, they’re worth it for travelers looking for convenience at places like Pinehurst Resort or The Omni Grove Park Inn in North Carolina.

Can I find family-friendly, all-inclusive resorts?

Yes, you can find resorts like Pinehurst Resort and Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville that welcome families with open arms. They offer pools to splash in, outdoor activities to explore, and dining options everyone will love.

These places also have special deals for families, making vacations easier on the wallet.

Near these resorts, there are plenty of attractions and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether it’s hitting a round of golf or discovering nearby attractions tailored just for kids, there’s something to keep everyone happy and entertained.


Pack your bags and get ready for an adventure. North Carolina’s all-inclusive spots have something for everyone. From the mountains to the sea, find the perfect place to chill or thrill.

Don’t worry about planning every detail; these resorts have it covered. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today!

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